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发布时间:2021-10-15 05:01:01

Original title: The list of Women's Table Tennis World Cup has changed again! Taipei's second single substitute, the championship and runner-up in the championships join hands




The ITTF official website has recently updated the list of participants for the Women's Table Tennis World Cup for the third time! Thailand’s top female table tennis player Suthani chose to retire temporarily, and Chinese Taipei’s second single Chen Siyu was able to take the place as a substitute. This is the third list change made by the ITTF within half a month. As it approaches, is there any player to retire? The national table tennis players have been replaced from the original Liu Shiwen and Zhu Yuling to Chen Meng and Sun Yingsha, who just won the women's singles championship and runner-up in the National Championship!

ITTF官方网站最近第三次更新了女子乒乓球世界杯的参赛者名单!泰国顶尖亚博App的女乒乓球运动员Suthani选择暂时退役,而中国台北的第二张单身选手Chen Siyu则可以替代。这是ITTF在半个月内进行的第三次列表更改。临近时,有没有球员要退休?国家乒乓球运动员已由原来的刘诗雯和朱玉玲换成刚刚获得女子单打冠军和全国冠军的陈梦和孙英莎!

In the International Table Tennis League schedule at the beginning of 2020, the World Cup Women’s Table Tennis Tournament was originally planned to be held in Bangkok, Thailand. However, due to the local environment that was not suitable for hosting the event, the World Cup men’s and women’s singles matches were finally decided to be restarted in Weihai, Shandong Province, China. Held. However, the ITTF takes more care of the Thai players. The cancellation of the hosting rights does not cancel the host's wild card power. Women's singles number one Suthani is still on the Weihai World Cup list.


However, Sutahini seems to be uncomfortable and chose to retire recently. In fact, if Sutahini goes to Weihai to participate in the World Cup competition, he will basically be unable to qualify in the group and play a role of "accompanying the prince to study". Here, it is difficult to pose a threat to the national table tennis and major Asian opponents.


Chen Siyu of Taipei appeared on the updated list. Chen Siyu is the second sister of Taipei after Zheng Yijing. More of her achievements come from the doubles event: At the 2019 German Table Tennis Open, Chen Siyu partnered with Zheng Xianzhi in the women's doubles quarter-finals 3-2 and just won the World Championships. Double champion Wang Manyu/Sun Yingsha also won the women's doubles runner-up at the Austrian Open last year, and Japan and the Czech Republic reached the semi-finals at the two Opens. Chen Siyu has not done much in the singles arena. He participated in the 2016 Rio Olympics. He played similarly to Feng Yalan. He has a fierce style, strong sense of attack and attack, strong pulling force, but lacks the continuity of pulling the ball, and the quality of the veneer is high. However, the center of gravity is often lost and cannot be restored. Even if you qualify for the World Cup, it will not pose a threat to the first-class players. His best result ever broke into the top 8 of the 2017 World Cup.


In the first list change, Liu Shiwen, the World Championships women’s singles champion, and Australia’s Chinese veteran Hong Jianfang retired. South Korea’s Xu Xiaoyuan, China’s Chen Meng and Australia’s Melissa replaced the competition; the second change was Australia’s Mei Li Shah and China's Zhu Yuling retired. China's Sun Yingsha and Germany's Olympic women's team runner-up Han Ying took the bench.

在第一次更换名单时,世亚博App手机版界锦标赛女子单打冠军刘世文和澳大利亚的中国退伍军人洪建芳退役了。韩国的徐小元,中国的陈梦和澳大利亚的梅利莎取代了比赛;第二个变化是澳大利亚的Mei Li Shah和中国的Zhu Yuling退休。中国的孙颖莎和德国的奥运女队亚军韩颖坐在板凳上。

Chen Meng and Sun Yingsha, who have just joined the National Championships, are currently the hottest representatives of the Chinese women's team in the World Cup women's singles. The goal is naturally to use double insurance to prevent the world's No. 2 Mima Ito from winning the championship. I believe that Chen Meng and Sun Yingsha, who are fighting at home, will not easily miss the chance to win the first women's singles championship in the World Series.

刚刚参加全国锦标赛的陈梦和孙英莎,目前是世界杯女单中中国女队最热的代表。我们的目标自然是使用双重保险来防止世界排名第二的伊藤美玛(Mima Ito)赢得冠军。我相信在家里打架的陈梦和孙英莎不会轻易错过赢得世界大赛首场女单冠军的机会。