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发布时间:2021-10-03 05:01:01

Speaking of page games, it is estimated that none of your friends have a good impression.


Not to mention the inferior picture quality and the serious krypton gold. Many page game advertisements are still overwhelming. If you accidentally surf the Internet, your screen will be filled with that indescribable big knack, screaming for you to register and charge. . .

更不用说劣质图像和严重的k金了。许多页面游戏广告仍然不胜枚举。如果您不小心浏览了Internet,屏幕上将充满那难以形容的大诀窍,尖叫着让您注册和充电。 。 。

But just recently, a page game that has been out of our field of vision for many years has quietly returned as a mobile game. You say it has no publicity. It didn't take long for the number of closed beta appointments to exceed 400w.


An official Weibo that forwarded the activation code can easily cause thousands of people to forward it:


You said that the picture looks childish and young. Open the comments and look at it. Good guys, all college students and netizens who have just worked are struggling for codes. They are more excited than chasing stars. . .

您说图片看起来幼稚而年轻。打开评论并查看它。好人,刚刚工作的所有大学生和网民都在为代码而苦苦挣扎。他们比追星更兴奋。 。 。

This game is "Moore Manor". The reason why it has such a magical power is because it left too good memories for the players more than ten years ago, saying that it is the dynamic of the young people of this year. Not too much.


In fact, 2008 was a year when there was no shortage of good games. "Running Kart" gradually got on track; "Assassin's Creed" was just released shortly; "World of Warcraft" was a mess. . .

实际上,2008年是不乏优秀游戏的一年。 “跑跑卡丁车”逐渐步入正轨; 《刺客信条》刚刚发布; 《魔兽世界》一团糟。 。 。

But for many children whose home computer configuration is lagging, their online time is strictly controlled, and there is no money to buy some cards, it seems that there is no game that is especially suitable for them.


In that year, a Taomi company followed the model of "Club Penguin" and launched such a community development web game called "Moore Manor".


Speaking of which, Wang Haibing, the founder of Taomi.com, is also a great man. He used to work at Tencent and was the product manager who developed "QQ Pet".

说到这,淘米网的创始人王海冰也是个伟人。他曾在腾讯工作,曾是开发“ QQ Pet”的产品经理。

This "Moore Manor" is developed in Flash. Not only does it require no configuration, it can be played with the Internet, and there is no need to recharge. You only need to register an account to become a Moore and have your own role.


"Moore Manor" also created a very fairy tale world view, such as a lively manor, the spokesperson Princess Meme, the evil magician Kura, the mysterious Black Forest and so on.


Although it seems that the screen of this game is simply touching, and the font of the player id looks the same as the one that comes with Windows Notepad, but in those days, the dazzling array of scenery and details is simply amazing.


Wang Haibing also put his experience of being a QQ pet into "Moore Manor". Everyone can adopt a Ram of his own. Ram can be upgraded, and he will die if he doesn’t take care of it. Many people are attracted to this game. The emotional connection.


Different from other games, because fighting is not the core gameplay of "Moore Manor", you decide how to play.


You can think of it as a game of farming, to be a farmer without desires; you can also regard it as a game of growing up, taking care of your own Ram every day, watching him grow up, complete evolution, and have a unique sense of accomplishment .


There are many small games built in "Moore Manor", you can go skiing on the top of the mountain:


Go fishing in the river:


You can even have a live football:


At that time, many of the students who had bad reviews were that they didn't do the main tasks at all, and they played various mini games every day.


Not only that, "Moore Manor" is also the initial fantasy of many children for adult society, because it has built a complete small world inside.


You need to study and take exams, obtain professional qualification certificates for police and reporters, and then go to the Super Moore Club to work, or work in the restaurant every day after school to be a happy social animal.


After earning a salary, you can also deposit the money in the Moore Bank to buy clothes. This is also the reason why the bad reviewer had a concept about saving.


Moreover, because it was a very extravagant thing to recharge ten dollars back then, so such local tyrants are also very rare, and most people are completely white prostitution players.


However, although such a leisurely and prostitious game environment made "Moore Manor", it also ruined it.


After all, the ultimate goal of the game is to make money, but for most children who love "Moore Manor", they not only have little spending power, but also have no motivation to recharge, and happiness is over.


Moreover, "Moore Manor" is so popular that it was named "Children's Happy Net" by "Chaowen Tianxia" in 2009, and even triggered a large-scale explosion. . .

而且,“摩尔庄园”如此受欢迎,以至于在2009年被“超文天下”命名为“儿童快乐网”,甚至引发了大规模的爆炸。 。 。

In order to make better profits, Taomi.com itself also launched "Saier" in 2009. Although it is the same type, there are more and more krypton gold and value-added elements.

为了获得更好的利润,淘米网本身也在2009年推出了“ Saier”。尽管是同一类型,但k金和增值元素越来越多。

With the veteran players of "Moore Manor" gradually entering junior high and high school, and in those years, such as "Dang Bo Tang" advocating fighting and excitement, games with money and fierce recharge frequently appeared, and they also seized the new younger age. Market.


The influence of "Moore Manor" is getting lower and lower, gradually disappearing from our vision.


Of course, Taomi also thought about using derivative cultural products to save the country and save this IP. They have filmed three seasons of animation and launched the "Moore Manor: Ice Age" movie in 2011.


To be honest, the bad reviewer thinks that these works are still well produced, and they are definitely not shoddy works of money, but they still haven't aroused much splash.


Therefore, from around 2015, "Moore Manor" has not been updated anymore, and their producer has also posted on Weibo: Because the game is developed with Flash AS, in this era when Flash is being eliminated, even the development is No one can be found.

因此,从2015年左右开始,“摩尔庄园”就不再更新了,其制作人也发布在了微博上:由于该游戏是使用Flash AS开发的,因此在Flash被淘汰的时代,连开发都无法被发现。

However, even if many old players of "Moore Manor" have graduated from college and become real social animals, even though there have been countless new games and new IPs in the past few years, when the news of "Moore Manor" going to be a mobile game is released, There are still countless people who are particularly excited.


Because although these people are not the audience of "Moore Manor", this game has already become a collective memory of everyone's childhood.


On the page game website that has been in disrepair for a long time, a large number of adults have begun to use various means to retrieve their Mimi account of the year, in order to see how their Ram is going:


Screenshot from Station B: Moon Prince Honghong▼


During the epidemic, people in "Moore Manor" spontaneously prayed and mourned for the victims:


Even in major forums, there has been a reminiscence of the wonderful craze in "Moore Manor" that year. Some people talked about their embarrassing experience as a super Ram:


Some people also talked about their regret for not being able to explore the Black Forest:


Even many people who have not played games for a long time began to ask about the type of system supported on the official blog of Moore Manor, asking for an activation code. . .

甚至许多长时间未玩游戏的人也开始询问Moore Manor官方博客上支持的系统类型,并要求提供激活码。 。 。

However, in this era of segregated dominance in the mobile game market, even with a large mass base, "Moore Manor" still faces great challenges. What is the scale of krypton gold? What to attract new users? How to retain old users? Some are still unknown.

但是,在这个移动游戏市场处于孤立主导地位的时代,即使拥有庞大的群众基础,“摩尔庄园”仍然面临巨大挑战。 rypto金的规模是多少?什么吸引新用户?如何保留旧用户?有些仍然未知。

But in any case, the bad reviewer is still very grateful to "Moore Manor", which once brought a particularly simple happiness to a group of teenagers who don’t know what to charge for, and is willing to stick to it and keep this memory. To today.


As they said on Weibo: "You left Moore Manor because you grew up, but it doesn't matter, we are back to find you."