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亚博App手机版|【观察】齐祖首发变阵玩砸实属无奈 还有4天关窗真不买人?

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Real Madrid finally returned to the Di Stefano Stadium after experiencing two consecutive difficult away games. In the end, Real Madrid once again won the favor of Goddess of Luck in this winning home field, winning a small victory over the opponent. Zidane's on-the-spot change did not achieve the desired effect. The French once again demonstrated superb error correction ability in the second half, but Real Madrid also exposed the fact that the attack was weak.

在经历了连续两次艰难的客场比赛之后,皇家马德里终于回到了迪斯特凡诺球场。最终,皇家马德里在这一获胜的主场中再次赢得了幸运女神的青睐,并以微弱的优势击败了对手。 Zidane的现场更改未达到预期的效果。法国人在下半场再次表现出了出色的纠错能力,但皇家马德里还暴露了进攻能力弱的事实。

Real Madrid has a very difficult schedule for the first 10 rounds of the league this season. The away game has to face Real Sociedad, Betis, Levante, Villarreal, Barcelona and Valencia, so the remaining 4 home games are definitely Can't lose points. And tonight, Real Madrid has not won after three rounds of the league at the main scene, and Valladolid is struggling to play. This is directly related to the starting lineup arranged by Zidane.


Real Madrid copied the starting formation that defeated Betis in the last round. Jovic started again, and Real Madrid formed a 4312 formation. But this formation lacks wingers on the left and right wings, Odriozola replaces Carvajal, and Real Madrid's attack on the right side is insufficient. Isco’s performance in the front midfielder position is the worst among the starters, and the striker Jovic and Benzema not only often overlap in running positions, but they are also in poor condition at the same time. Real Madrid did not attack in the first 45 minutes. Put too much pressure on the opponent.


Zidane changed three people in one breath in the second half, Carvajal played to strengthen the offensive on the right, Isco was removed, Vinicius and Asensio came off the bench, Real Madrid changed 433 to deal with opponents. In the end, the Brazilian striker lived up to expectations and scored the only goal in the game. Zidane's on-the-spot changes and substitutions made Real Madrid's offense a qualitative leap.


The Di Stefano Stadium is indeed a blessed place for Real Madrid. Last season, Zizou led his team here with a wave of home wins for the final league championship. Real Madrid's goal tonight also came from the "accidental feeding" formed by the opposing defender's blind clearance and continuous refraction. But in the end it was only a small 1-0 victory over the opponent, this score does not satisfy Real Madrid fans.


In the past 26 La Liga games, Real Madrid has only been able to beat the opponent by more than 1 goal in 7 games. The Galacticos' defense has indeed improved, but the problem is that the team's offensive firepower is insufficient. Although Zidane is currently reluctant to "play by match" to cope with the lack of pre-season warm-up matches, with the current lineup, Real Madrid is indeed difficult to play the past games that often slaughtered opponents by big scores. Is this a turn? Will Real Madrid still insist on not buying people and relying on the existing lineup?

在过去的26场西甲比赛中,皇家马德里在7场比赛中仅能击败对手超过1个进球。 Galacticos的防守确实得到了改善,但问题是该队的进攻火力不足。尽管齐达内目前不愿意“逐场比赛”来解决缺乏季前热身赛的问题,但就目前的阵容而言,皇马确实很难打过去的比赛,因为那场比赛经常以大比分击败对手。这是转弯吗?皇马会继续坚持不买人并依靠现有阵容吗?



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